Hiltron Experiences Strong Demand for HCS-4 Universal Satcom Controller

Hiltron Communications, one of Europe's leading satellite equipment manufacturers and system integrators, reports strong demand for its latest-generation HCS-4 satellite communications controller. More than 70 units have been sold for antenna control applications since the HCS-4 was introduced in September 2015. An additional 10 customised systems incorporating the HCS-4 have been delivered since July 2017.  


              Image shows front and rear of the 2U high 19 inch rack-mounting Hiltron HCS-4 satellite communications controller

Designed and produced by Hiltron, the HCS-4 was developed from its HCS3 predecessor which reached four-figure sales following its introduction to the satellite broadcast and communications market in 1997. Maintaining the reliability and functionality of the HCS-3, the HCS-4 forms the central control element for a wide range of satcom applications. These include easy switchover between devices such as downconverters, high power amplifiers, waveguides, MPEG digital video broadcast encoders and integrated receiver/decoders. The HCS-4 can also be used to control and monitor optical-fibre transceivers and antenna heaters. Other features include an N-1 redundancy switch and BUC/HPA controller, LNB supply, 2-1 LNB redundancy switch controller, a fully redundant low-noise 10 MHz reference generator, GPS synchronisation and automatic switchover.

The HCS-4 is available as a 2U high 19 inch rack mount unit with main and backup power supplies plus 13 slots for active modules. Also available are two chassis mountable frames accommodating up to 6 or up to 14 active modules respectively. All three versions can be powered from 24 volts DC and are operated via an intuitive HTML-based graphic interface. Modules are hot-pluggable to allow easy exchange. Any new or replaced module is automatically sensed and its address registered.

All units in the family have SNMP remote control, hot-swappable dual redundant power supply and an internal data bus.

When configured as an antenna controller, the HCS-4 accommodates a freely selectable combination of axis controller cards for SSI-encoders, resolvers or potentiometer-angle readers as well as an optional integrated antenna de-icing controller card. 

The range of modules currently available for standard and customised solutions comprises:

* HCS4-10M 10 MHz reference source. This allows signal distribution to a switchable internal bus and three external outputs individually switchable between off/0/9 dB. It has a very low noise and highly stable internal VCXO plus an internal GPS receiver and can be synchronised with GPS or station clock. 

* HCS4-DBT Dual Base T for LNBs and BUCs with variable supply voltage for LNB/BUC, individually switchable 10 MHz insertion (0/9 dBm), RF level detection.

* L-Band switch units (HCS4-SW), a transfer switch version (HCS4-LST) and a 2:1 redundant-switch version (HCS4-L21).

* HCS4-EXT controller module for equipment monitoring and control.

* De-icing controller with two main heater circuits up to 20 A each and an independent feed heater circuit (24 or 230 V) plus current, voltage and temperature monitoring.

Also available are external modules that integrate seamlessly with HCS-4: 

* HCS4-PD2 compact dual channel power detector, up to 18 GHz.

* HACUX-ANE wind speed sensor.

* HSACUX-DIM2 ultra-compact combination of GPS receiver, flux gate compass and dual-plane high-precision inclinometer (58 x 64 x 36 mm), fully weatherproof.

Hiltron GmbH (www.hiltron.de) is a globally active system integrator, manufacturer and distributor in the field of satellite and wireless communication. The company operates from modern purpose-built headquarters at Backnang near Stuttgart. On-site facilities include a large technical operations area with high access doors and ceiling, capable of accommodating satellite link vehicles and their roof-mounted antennas.

Contacts for further information

Hiltron Communications: Antonio Monteverde

Tel: +49 (0)7191 343 570 | Email: antonio.monteverde@hiltron.de

Hiltron Communications, Emil-Rathenau-Str. 1, 71522 Backnang, Germany

Tel: +49 (0)7191 343 570 | Fax: +49 (0)7191 3435 750 | Web: www.hiltron.de

Newsmedia support: David Kirk, Stylus Media Consultants

Tel: +44 (0) 1342 311 983 | Email: stylusmedia@gmail.com


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